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In any case, with the goal for robots to win a full scale war against people, they should have the capacity to perform convoluted sensible thinking when confronting different new circumstances. This may be a more troublesome objective than any ability or usefulness so far referenced in this composition. There could be two distinctive approaches to accomplish this objective.

We may call the main route as Nurturing way, by which people keep on auto call service the consistent thinking capacity of robots through AI programming advancement even after the robots have framed a network. People continue supporting the network of robots along these lines until at one point they are adequate to win the full scale war against people and afterward set them off to battle against people. To individuals without specialized foundation, this may seem like an unrealistic reasoning without guaranteed assurance; yet individuals with some essential programming foundation would have the capacity to see insofar as time and cash are put resources into making a general public of robots that could test people, this is hundred percent feasible.

The second way would be an Evolution way, by which from the earliest starting point people make a network of robots that could make their very own advancement through programming and equipment updating. The primary test for robots to have the capacity to advance would be the means by which they could advance through plan for updating their own product and equipment. The assignment to make robots ready to develop without anyone else could then be decreased to two less difficult undertakings: 1) to empower robots to recognize needs, 2) to empower robots to make programming and equipment structures dependent on necessities. The primary objective of distinguishing needs could be accomplished by chronicle the historical backdrop of inability to achieve a past mission, which could thusly be accomplished by analyzing (through some fluffy rationale type programming) how a past mission was practiced. The second objective of structuring dependent on requirements may be more convoluted on a basic level, yet at the same time conceivable to be satisfied. This second methodology (for example the Evolution way) would be a greater test than the Nurturing route referenced above thus far despite everything we can’t see a hundred percent conviction for this to occur later on regardless of whether cash and time is contributed. In any case, regardless of whether people neglected to make transformative network of robots,

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