Condoms – Effective Prevention of Pregnancy

Try not to put on condom excessively substantial or unreasonably cozy for you. Too tight condoms cut off blood course, too substantial ones are inclined to slip off amid sex. So how would you figure out which estimate is for you? Most condoms are made so as to fit nearly everybody, except attempt to stay away from condoms which promote estimate (additional extensive or snugger fit) except if you are totally awkward with a standard measured condom. Experiment with utilizing distinctive assortments and brands to realize 安全套 which works best for you.

Try not to put on condom without enlightening your accomplice regarding it, as some might be susceptible to latex. On the off chance that such is the situation, change to polyurethane ones.

Try not to put on condom back to front. While it might appear glaringly evident, it will take a second or two of focus to ensure the overlap of the condom is moving outwardly. When you start attempting on various brands, practice likewise on putting it right in order to keep away from any dangers while doing the genuine article.

Try not to utilize two condoms at any given moment. Not exclusively will you bother your own skin, it is absolutely incapable, as the two latex surfaces will rub against one another and make the contraceptives inclined to breakage.

Try not to put on condom without leaving at about a large portion of an inch of room, implied for semen stockpiling.

Try not to put on condom midway. Regardless of how energized you are, ensure that your condom is moved the whole distance to the base of the penis.

Try not to put on condom that feels fragile, looks blurred, or smells more than it ordinarily should. A little quality control goes far in shielding you from superfluous tensions and sufferings later on. This is likewise one motivation behind why it’s not prudent to have just a single condom within reach when you intend to engage in sexual relations. In the event that something goes wrong; in some cases you will never know whether there is an issue with the condom until you open one.

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