How to Buy Your First Camping Tent

If there is a large group of you backpacking, it may be wise to get several smaller tents than one large tent. It is difficult to spread a 9 person tent equally around 9 people’s rucksacks so some people will be carrying a lot of extra Bell Tent, and others will be carrying nothing at all. If this is likely to create tensions, get smaller tents.

20 to 30 years ago, every tent was a ridge shaped tent. But now, these are almost impossible to buy and most tents are either dome, tunnel or geodesic. These designs provide much more strength than the old ridge designs. Under heavy wind conditions, modern tents tend to deflect and then just spring back into shape when the gust subsides.

Be aware that tunnel tents are very strong across the tunnel, but are much weaker down the tunnel. So always pitch them perpendicular to the wind. If you are going to be using your tent in anything but ideal conditions, you should really invest in a stronger dome or geodesic design.

Dome tents are very strong in all directions and are the standard these days. Geodesic designs add a little bit more weight but are the strongest design you can get. If you are going to be using your tent in extreme conditions, a geodesic design is essential.

Whether you go hiking, camping, cycling, backpacking or mountaineering you will need a 1 person to spend the night. Your adventure could be anything but you will need a dependable to snuggle in after a rough day. If you are going in a big group then you will need a bigger or many single tents. There are even couples’ tents if you wish. These days such lightweight and durable tents are available that you will be surprised at the variety.

Going with family or friends camping is the best way to spend time together. Moreover, if you are going backpacking then you will need to carry a for the night. Even sleeping in tents together is a big joy.

Variety of Tents: There are pole tents, frame tents, and party tents among others. The number of people to share the tent and the weather of the place where it is bought for are the factors that determine the kind of tent that should be taken.


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