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Simply press two gets and it is changed to your specifications.Some of the more routinely exhibited solicitation about the Escort 8500×50 join;

For what reason is the blue show off more extravagant than the red portland escorts and is there any separation in execution?


For what reason doesn’t Escort respect the affirmation for the locator that I just bought on eBay, Amazon or Overstock?

No, there is no capability in execution over the blue presentation over the red show off. The standard reason that the blue acquaintance costs with some degree more is that it is continuously extreme to make LED’s in a blue covering, therefore this additional expense is passed on by Escort on the off chance that you pick the blue display over the red.

To the degree Escort not with respect to the affirmation for your Escort 8500×50 on the off chance that you get it on eBay, Amazon or from Overstock is that they necessitate that you buy their unit from their quick overview of certified vendors to ensure you can be guaranteed that your Escort thing isn’t a remanufactured or fake unit.

Is your dash dispersed with 12-volt electronic gadgets, for example, a radar identifier, a GPS and conceivably a blue tooth hands free phone interface? Don’t you wish that somebody could consider a contraption that would harden all these into one?

Well before long there is such a gadget and it is the new Escort Passport IQ radar identifier, GPS and that is just the begin.

When I as of late laid hands on the Escort Passport IQ, I thought of it as an unquestionable good position in the way that Escort’s specialists had the decision to make a radar identifier that had the unmatched of the Escort 9500ix and stuff everything into a full highlighted dash mounted GPS that additionally included discretionary blue tooth capacities with regards to hands free calling, live XM traffic revealing while in like way stirring up the limits concerning future gadgets.

Precisely when my life accomplice found the chance to see the unit since she remarked that it was the central radar identifier that she whenever seen that she would be charming in putting on her dashboard since it didn’t take after a conventional radar locator.

On account of the GPS furthest reaches of the Escort Passport IQ it can enlighten you in well ahead in regards to time when you approach one of those photograph execution contraptions, for example, a red light camera or photograph radar camera with a sound alarm while moreover showing the wary zone of the danger on the IQ’s five inch screen.

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