There Is Still Some Good in Television

The job of the National Broadcasting Company in television will work transmitters, programming, and, when it ends up accessible for business use, anchoring supports. All together that we might be set up to do our part, our specialists are day by day putting iptv assembly reporting in real time under pragmatic administration conditions.

Our Program Department is taking in a whole new method in progression composing, make-up, organizing, and a large number of different subtleties which this new craftsmanship will request. It is exploring different avenues regarding business projects to decide the adequacy of television to move merchandise.

Our architects are examining the financial aspects of systems administration, with the goal that few stations might be interconnected by either coaxial link of short-wave transfers, and are creating hardware for the creation of outside pick-ups. With the experience that we are increasing day by day, we feel that after everything checks out to offer television to the general population, the National Broadcasting Company will be set up to do its part. As you see television put through hell here today, you will get results which are generally because of the vision and venture of Mr. David Sarnoff, President of the Radio Corporation of America, who will presently address you.

TELEVISION STATEMENT TO PRESS November 6, 1936 by David Sarnoff, President Radio Corporation of America

In perspective of general society enthusiasm for the guarantee of sight and in addition sound through the air, we have welcomed you here today to observe a test television test with the goal that the advancement in this new and promising craftsmanship might be reflected to the general population genuinely as opposed to through

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